Pure Mongolian goat cashmere fiber

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The Pure Mongolian Goat Cashmere Fiber is collected from Mongolia and processed in Hebei, China, where we take pride in our commitment to providing the finest-quality fibers. This product is available in three natural colors: natural brown, natural ivory, and natural white. Each color is selected for its unique beauty and ability to inspire creativity.

With a fiber length of 32-34mm and fineness of 16.0~16.5microns, this exceptional cashmere fiber produces the softest, most luxurious yarn imaginable. Our process of dehairing cashmere fiber further refines the material, yielding a product that is smooth, silky, and uniquely suited for spinning into delicate, luxurious yarns.

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Material: 100% Cashmere Fibre
Type: Cashmere fiber
Fiber Type: Carded
Pattern: Dehaired
Fiber Length: 32-38mm
Fineness: 16.0~16.5mic
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Brand Name: Sharrefun
Product name: Pure Mongolian goat cashmere fiber
Color: Natural Brown,Natural Ivory,Natural White
Packing: Export standard pressed bales
Delivery time: 5~7 days
Test: Per your request
Usage: Spinning Yarn
Process: Dehaired Cashmere Fibre
Sample: Sample Accepted
Payment terms: TT or LC

Product Application

Introducing the Pure Mongolian Goat Cashmere Fiber, the best choice for spinning yarn. This exquisite product is made from 100% cashmere fiber, ensuring unparalleled quality that comes from the famous Mongolian goats. The cashmere fiber is meticulously dehaired, and the material is carded to ensure it is ready for spinning into the perfect yarn.

Now, the Pure Mongolian Goat Cashmere Fiber is available for purchase in export standard pressed bales, making it easy to transport and store. Our sales team is ready to work with you to determine packing options that meet your specific needs.

Cashmere Fibre Grey

In addition, we offer customization of our product, and you can place a request for a test sample to determine the texture and quality of our Pure Mongolian Goat Cashmere Fiber. Accepted payment terms include TT or LC, and we offer a quick delivery time of 5~7 days.

cashmere fiber natural brown

The Sharrefun brand is known for its high-quality materials, and our Pure Mongolian Goat Cashmere Fiber is no exception. The combination of carded cashmere fiber, dehaired to perfection, makes this product a perfect choice for spinning yarn.

No matter your project, you can trust that the Pure Mongolian Goat Cashmere Fiber will produce a high-quality yarn that is both soft and luxurious. Try it for yourself today!

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