The feature of Chinese sheep wool

Compare to Australia wool,there are some features for Chinese sheep wool.

The hand feel of Chinese sheep wool is very soft and smooth, it is suitable for some spinners whom want to get very good hand feel of yarn. Specially for fine Chinese sheep wool like 17.5-18.5mic, the hand feel is like cashmere touch.

Another advantage of Chinese sheep wool is price competitive, the price ofChinese sheep wool is about 20-30% lower than same specification of Australia sheep wool.This price advantage meet the demand of clients whom really focus on the cost of yarn.

Chinese sheep wool

Kemps is the main problem for Chinese sheep wool, Quality will be much better if the kemps is as much as less. In order to getting rid of kemps, we do more times of dehairing process, normally it takes 12-14 times of dehairing process. We have successful experience to do the super treated Chinese sheep wool to remove the wool with one end if thick and another end is fine, therefore the fiber diameter coefficient of variation is very low. More and more clients from various countries are satisfied to the quality of Chinese sheep wool.

Another problem is the white color of Chinese sheep wool is cream white, it is difficult to use for spinning very light and bright yarn by natural white Chinese sheep wool.We can improve the color to bright white by bleaching process according to clients’ request in details.

sheep wool tops white

There is a great spread future for Chinese sheep wool by the joint efforts.

Post time: May-26-2021