The Sustainable and Luxurious Benefits of Yak Wool Tops

Yak wool is one kind of luxury animal fiber, it is very soft, warm, light and smooth, almost yak wool is from Tibet and Qinghai province of China. There are dark brown yak wool and natural white yak wool,the diameter of yak wool is 19.0-20mic, and length is from 24mm to 28mm.

Due to the yak wool fiber is short, so it is hard to produce the worsted yak wool tops. Actually there are some clients in the market for yak wool tops, they use yak wool tops to spin worsted yarn.

yak wool top brown

After many time of test production, we finally get the worsted yak wool tops successfully, the tops length is up to 38mm. We did some orders for yak wool tops and we get good feedback information about it. Now we are doing more and more quantity of yak wool tops to meet clients’ request.


Post time: Feb-18-2021