Raccoon Hair: A Sustainable and Stylish Alternative to Traditional Fur

Raccoon is one kind of animal living in cold area, we have two origin of Raccoon in China. There is slightly color difference between them. Carded raccoon hair is one kind of nice fibre for spinning yarn, the natural color of raccoon hair is brown color, it is very fine at 16.0mic and the fibre length is up to 36mm. It also can be used for worsted spinning field by raccoon hair tops. Raccoon hair is very warm, soft and light, therefore it is used for luxury yarn spinning widely. We have successful experience for the quality control in the production of dehairing carding stages. Sorting PP is also very important during the production in order to keep the quality real high.

New season for raccoon hair is in beginning of May every year.

One of very important thing is getting rid of the smell for raccoon fibre, we have advanced technologies to process the raccoon fibre, There is nothing smell with final products of raccoon fibre, it is very important for getting the yarns in best quality.

degreased raccoon hair white


Post time: Aug-15-2021