Essential Tips to Keep Your Cashmere Sweater Soft, Luxurious and Long-Lasting

How to Clean your Cashmere Sweater

• Hand wash sweater in lukewarm water using hair shampoo. Be sure to dissolve the shampoo in the water before you put the sweater into water. Rinse sweater with hair conditioner, this will make your cashmere sweater softer. Wash colored garments separately.

• Do not bleach your cashmere sweater.

• Squeeze gently, do not twist or wring. Twisting a wet sweater will stretch the shape of the sweater.

• Blot water from sweater with a dry towel to remove extra moisture.

• Dry your sweater flat after blotting, dry it away from heat and sunlight.

• Press with damp cloth, using a cool iron, iron from the inside of the garment if necessary.

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How to store your Cashmere Sweaters

• Before storing your expensive cashmere sweater check carefully for dampness and sunlight.

• Fold garments or place them neatly in tissue paper or a plastic bag and store them in a closet away from light, dust and dampness.

• Cleaning your garment before storage, fresh stains that may not yet be visible will oxidize and become fixed during storage.. Moths eat only on natural fabrics and consider the stained wool a delicacy. Mothballs and cedar chips help protect wool from moths.

• To store a pure cashmere sweater during summer, the most important thing is to keep moisture away, so please do not store your cashmere sweaters in a damp place. A well-sealed plastic storage box (available in most stores) is good enough (a see-through one is better as you can notice that if there is any moisture inside). Make sure the box is dry before you put sweaters in.

• To keep moths away, the first thing to make sure is that the sweater is clean before long-time storage. Pay close attention to any food stains as moths are particularly attracted to our normal food proteins and cooking oils. Those moth proofing products are helpful, or simply spray some perfume on a piece of paper and put the paper next to your sweater inside the box.

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Additional Care Tips for Cashmere Sweaters

• Care guidelines:

• Don’t wear the same garment too frequently. Allow the garment two or three days’ rest after a day’s wearing.

• A silk scarf goes well with cashmere tops and cardigans and can protect your sweater if worn between your neck and garment. A scarf will also prevent powder or other cosmetics stains.

• Do not wear a cashmere garment next to rough clothing, metal necklaces, bracelets, belts and rough leather items such as crocodile leather bags. Dress up your cashmere with a silk scarf and pearl accessories instead of accessories with a rough surface.

Post time: Dec-30-2022